China is an Asian super power and it shares its boundaries with India and many other Asian countries. One of the most populated countries is the world, they are known for the high standards of work and quality of products designed and developed in their country. China is also home to more than 20% of the world exporting share. Well known for the tourist attraction of Great Wall of China, which can be seen from the moon apparently.


Considered to be one of the oldest cultures and traditions in the world, originating more than a 1000 years ago. The cultures of China varies between certain regions of the country. With China being one of the earliest ancient civilizations, Chinese culture is extremely diverse and varying, and it has a profound effect in the philosophy, virtue, etiquette and traditions of Asia to date. Majority of the population are followers of Buddhists, but other religions like Christianity is also followed here.


Education in China is compulsory for all students up until the age of 9. The quality and standard of education is taken care by the state run body namely the Ministry of Education. Since getting admission in Indian universities is a time consuming and a costly affair, Indian students have started to look elsewhere in places like China and Russia where the Educational system is world class, great prospects also affordable at the same time. China being the second largest economy in the world, has the resources and facilities to maintain its high standards of equipment and educational system. Some of the best institutions of China are the following:

1. Guangxi Medical University

2. WUHAN University

3. ANHUI Medical University


1. The tuition fees are very affordable compared to the Indian institutions.

2. Getting admission is also a no-hassle process.

3. Being an Economic superpower, getting employment post studies won't be a problem for Indian students in China.

4. No donation or capital fees is required to get admitted to a China institution.

5. No entrance tests are required as only 12th standard marks are considered if they are above 75%.

5. A Russian degree in MD (General Physician) is equivalent to that of an MBBS degree in India.

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The Great Wall of China
The Summer Palace
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