The United Kingdom is situated in the European continent and mainly comprises of four nations namely, England, Wales, Scotland, and Wales. It is known for its wide range of cultures, beautiful landscapes, and vast open spaces. They also have one of the best educational institutions in the world and are renowned for their expertise in all areas of education. They are well known for their colonial conquests and are considered one of most formidable nations in the world. The Industrial Revolution, which started in the UK, had a profound effect on the family socioeconomic and cultural conditions of the world. As a result of the British Empire, significant British influence can be observed in the language, law, culture and institutions of a geographically wide assortment of countries, including Australia, Canada, India, the Republic of Ireland, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, the United States and English speaking Caribbean nations.


The culture of the United Kingdom is heavily influenced by its history as a developed state, a great power, and a liberal democracy. Due to their many successful conquests around the world, the United Kingdom is considered to be a fashion hub of mixed cultures from all over the world. They inherited various cultures and their beliefs from around the globe. Sporting activities such as Football, Cricket, Rugby, Tennis is very popular here. They are known for their music cultures producing many famous bands like The Beatles, Pink Floyd and many more. The majority of the population speak English, but there are more than 200 languages spoken due to the inheritance of many cultures.


1. The UK has one of the best educational institutions and colleges in the world.

2. The standard of education is world class.

3. Being an educational hub, the students get more exposure and are exposed to different cultures and way of thinking which would help them with their career.

4. Easier to get work-related visa post-graduation.

5. Tough and challenging standards brings out the best from the candidate.


Part time job opportunities are ample in the UK. The students are allowed to work no more than 40 hours a fortnight for part time and full time during the semester breaks. Many Indian students find part-time jobs in restaurants, grocery stores etc., that it provides them with an extra source of income which gives them the liberty to meet their own expenses.

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