Although it is around the size of Japan, New Zealand's population is just over four million, making it one of the world's least populated countries. In 1893, New Zealand became the first country to give women the right to vote. It boasts beautiful landscapes and also brilliant whether to match its naturescape. The people are very friendly and welcoming making it a pleasant stay for the students to learn more and gain valuable exposure & experience.


The culture of New Zealand is very unique and dynamic compared to others in many ways. It is mainly influenced by the western cultures. The country consists of a majority of its indigenous Maori population which has a strong inclination towards their art, music, languages and also their accents as well. New Zealanders are known to be very friendly and welcoming people. They are also quite famous for their Rugby teams which perform Haka war cries before each match.


The government of New Zealand and the Educational board work hand in hand to ensure the quality of education that is delivered meets the International Standards required to excel in the field. There are Government agencies that monitor all levels of education in the country, which ensures the students gain the required knowledge and experience for excellence. The Ministry of Education in New Zealand develops educational goals and curriculum for primary and secondary schools, and the Education Review office checks the quality and student support for these schools maintaining the high standards of education in the country. In short, the quality of education will be made available for the aspiring students. The degrees and certifications received in New Zealand are accepted and recognised world wide due to their quality of education that is provided by them.


1. New Zealand, just like Canada is known for its great landscapes, friendly and welcoming people, making it a pleasurable experience for the student.

2. The Educational Board in New Zealand is uncompromising in the quality of the education provided in the country making it an attractive prospect and value for money as well.

3. The cost of living is low when compared to other top tier countries providing the similar quality of education.

4. The opportunities in New Zealand are world class. This is because of the world-class education provided in the country.

5. New Zealand is aware of the needs of international students. Thus for their convenience, the authorities have set up the “International Office” to provide support service for students.


The Educational system being similar to that of neighbor Australia, they follow similar rules in regards to students working while studying. As per law, the students aren't allowed to work more than 40 week a fortnight and can work full time during semester breaks. Students can find many jobs relating to their career choice, or they can also look for a job which is close to their locality.

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Bay of Islands, North Island
Queenstown, South Island