Canada is a huge country situated in the North American continent, right next to the United States of America. Canada is known for its share of mixed cultures and beautiful photogenic landscapes which make it an alluring prospects for potential residents. It is also one of those countries which openly welcome people to work in Canada. Canada is also known for its high academic standards, world-class institutions which offer relatively affordable costs and also a multicultural lifestyle making Canada a popular destination for a higher educational destination. Canada is a bilingual country which speaks English and French in the majority. It is also known as a preferred destination for many Indian individuals who are looking to study, work & settle abroad.


Canadian Educational Institutions are known for its world class standards in providing services to the International students. A Canadian degree is globally recognised and accepted and is on par with its excellent standards with the institutions in the United States or any other Commonwealth countries. They are also well known for their affordable tuition fees structure for the International students making them generally lower to those in other countries at the same time maintaining the standards of education as well. For the international students to feel more comfortable, the educational institutions encourages student groups of various ethnic background to mingle and feel connected to their home countries. Canadian population is also known for its warm and accepting nature of their residents towards the international students. Canada is known to offer world class education to its International students. Their educational system is on par with the United States and the United Kingdom in regards to the quality and standards. The Institutions are wired with the latest technology with regards to its resources for research and development in various fields encouraging you towards excellence in the field. Canada’s welcoming culture and environment encourage the candidates to acquire knowledge and skills in analysis and communication. They will also learn how to be independent, express their creativity and develop their self-confidence.


1. The Education board of is Canada is well known for its similar standards of education to that of the United States.

2. The affordable tuition fees make it a desirable destination for aspiring students.

3. It is a pathway to obtaining Permanent Residence post-graduation.

4. The universities allow the students to work part time or full time depending on their courses.

5. The Canadian government openly welcomes students and immigrants with open arms making it an option for many students.

6. Canada offers Postgraduate work permit, making it easier for the students to obtain PR post-graduation.


Canada provides 3 types of job opportunities visas for the International students to work in the country at the same time.


Special work permits would be provided to those graduating from the Canadian post-secondary institution can gain valuable experience through special work permit issued for the duration of the postgraduate programme which extends up to a maximum of 3 years, until the completion of the course.


This allows the international students who have graduated from the Canadian post secondary institution to apply for a permanent stay in Canada. The student must be able to communicate either in English or French, be familiar with the Canadian culture, and also must be able to contribute to the Canadian society, to be eligible for this visa.


This programme is for International students who have the required skill sets, the right educational degree and the mandatory work experience required to make an immediate contribution to the Canadian states. In this programme, a Canadian province or territory will nominate a student to become a permanent resident of Canada. To be eligible for such a nomination, the student must plan to live in the province or territory which nominates him/her and must apply directly to that province. The student must also submit a separate application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada for permanent residence.

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