Australia is a partly tropical country and has one of the biggest educational institutions in the world. The varied range of cultures, world heritage sites and beautiful tropical landscapes makes it an attractive prospect for the candidates. A wide range of institutions offers a world-class education to the aspiring students.


Australia is a multicultural and multilingual country. More than 260 languages are spoken here and 20% of the population’s Mother Tongue is English. Australia is the preferred destination for many students from the Asian subcontinent. It is a democratic country which celebrates the benefits of cultural diversity among all Australian citizens within the broader reach of national unity, maintaining democratic values and community harmony. It is committed to a socially cohesive, inclusive and a just society where all are given an equal opportunity to participate in the opportunities that are provided by the Australian Government, which is responsive to the needs of its citizens. They will act to promote understanding and acceptance while at the same time responding to Racial intolerance with the force of the law. Australia also welcomes Trade, Investments and Economic benefits which is a result of its various ties with other nations.


There are over 515,000 students who come from different parts of the world to study in Australian college, Universities and Schools. This is because the Educational institutions are reputed for their excellence and the high standards of living set by its citizens which offer an attractive prospect to aspiring students. Career opportunities are available to everyone regardless of class or family background. There is no discrimination for opportunities in this country.


1. The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) ensures the that there is a uniform and recognized progression of study in the country.

2. The Education Services for International students act was introduced in 2000. It was designed to protect the standards of education for International students ensuring the right quality of education is being taught.

3. Australia is known for its dedication towards research and development, making it a hub for aspiring students.

4. Student visa perks allow you to work at least 40 hours per fortnight and full time during the vacation.


The standards of Australian education is recognised world wide and widely accepted by educational institutions and employers alike, worldwide. The International students in Australia is supported by the Government through the ESOS Act which is Educational Services for oversea Students Act which guarantees high standards of educational facilities, International Student Support Services . The Australian educational system is student-centered and is designed to produce graduates who have a solid theoretical understanding of their subjects, and they create Individual thinkers who can act spontaneously and independently.


An International Student in Australia is permitted to work no more than 40 hours per fortnight (a two week period) during the semesters and full time during the vacations, making sure they have enough time to study as well as have some working experience before graduating and applying for a job. The prospects of working are high as this provides an extra source of income for the students and well-earned experience as well.

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