Individuals looking to secure immigration through the Federal Skilled worker applications are advised that all the applications are processed through the Express Entry selection system to help them to migrate to Canada.


You are required to get 67 points to be eligible for express entry program. Points are based on components like age, education, work experience, IELTS etc. It is essential to have minimum 1-year work experience and your designation should fall under NOC code skill level (0, A, B). And you need to obtain a minimum of CLB7 (6 in each band) in IELTS to be eligible for Canada Express Entry program.


Once you see that you are eligible for Express Entry Program you need to undergo a ECA (Educational Credentials Assessment) process if the applicant has done his education outside of Canada. Mostly It is done through WES (World Education Services).

The applicant needs to attest the photocopies of their educational documents in the university and put inside a sealed envelope and sent to concerned assessment authority in Canada and it will take 30 days to provide the report.


Start IELTS preparation for and it is recommended for applicants to get CLB9 in IELTS so that you the chances for receiving Invitation to apply (ITA) is faster.


Once the applicant get the IELTS and ECA, the express entry application profile can be created.
CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System ) will be calculated based on various components like age, education, work experience, IELTS score, Spouse’s points (education, work experience, IELTS). There is a total of 1,200 points available under the Comprehensive Ranking System.

1. 600 points for core human capital factors like age, education and work experience.

2. 600 points available for additional factors like the provincial nomination, an offer of arranged employment, Canadian study experience, a sibling in Canada, and/or French language ability.

CRS score is subjected to fluctuation and the current cut off points receiving ITA will be published by the immigration department on a regular basis.


The applicant needs to create the job bank profile once the express entry application has been created to increases the possibility for getting sponsorship from employers or province which will fetch you additional points.

Once the applicant gets the invitation he/she have 90 days to submit the final PR application along with the required supporting documents. After submission, it takes 3 months to receive the result.


1. Free education for Children till the 12th grade.

2. Free healthcare facilities

3. Up to CAN$800 per month if the Child is born on Canadian soil. Only applicable if it is after obtaining Permanent Residency.

4. Protection under the Canadian Law & Order.

To check your eligibility for Canada, Call: 8524 858 858